Benefits of Judging

Some of the benefits of Livestock Judging are:
  • Build self confidence
  • Helps with public speaking
  • Helps you meet new friends
  • Could get a scholarship to college (if you put a 110 percent into it)
  • Help with observation skills
  • A new found career
  • Help with picking out animals for a ranch, a 4-H project, or a farm
Judging has been such a great experience and it has helped me a lot. I cannot wait for next year and for the years to come. I hope you will pick Livestock Judging up and enjoy it as much as I have. Have fun and I hope you learned something from this blog.

The Routt County Livestock Judging team got third this year at Montrose in May.
Hope you guys have the success I did this year.                                            

This was in Gunnison on May 19th: Me (back left); My buddy Tell (back right); My little buddy Tristen ( middle front)

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