What to do at a Contest

When at a contest, you will be given a judging card by your parents or coach. Some of them have all of the classes and your number written down.  At some contests you will have to write everything written down.  Where it says CONTESTANT, you will write down your number, which will also be given to you. Once you do that, write down the class but make sure you grab the right card when judging the classes. If you do not think you will grab the right card, then it is fine to write the class down at each class. Once the contest starts you will be split into groups. On the cards it has a letter A-F depending on the number of kids entering the contest. They will call your letter and it will be your turn to begin.

When you get to the class the group leaders will make you turn your back to the class until they pronounce the start. You will have 10-12 minutes to place the class or do reasons on it. You will  have to do ten to twelve different classes.  When you have viewed all classes, the sponsors of the context will take you to have lunch.

After lunch you will do your reasons. They will have your number on a chair in a line and after about 20 minutes they send the first two to three people to start their reasons.  If they send three people at a time there should be three open chairs before you.  When that first person fills the chair you go and the same with two people.

After everyone is done with their reasons, you will go outside and find your team until the contest sponsors are ready to announce the results and give out the ribbons.

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