How to Learn about Judging through 4-H, FFA and Camps

There are three main ways to learn about livestock judging: 4-H, FFA (Future Farmer's of America) and judging camps. There are lots of different things to do in 4-H along with judging.  You can also do other things like raising pigs, steers, or lambs; you can also do woodworking projects, leather crafts. I have learned about judging through 4-H.  We practice judging one day a week in South Routt.  There are about eleven kids on my judging team.  At practice we practice online and on live animals.  The majority of our practice is online.  Sometimes on the way to contests, we will stop at the University of Laramie or at someone's ranch to judge their animals. Our coach gives us the same amount of time that we would have at a contest, which is ten to twelve minutes for our placings and reasons, if it is a reasons class. Once that time is done, we go into a room and practice our reasons before giving them to the coach. As in a contest, we get picked by the coach when it is our turn and give your reasons.  Once all of us are done with reasons, we discuss the class as a group.

Judging camps.
Judging camps are a chance to learn a lot about judging in three days. You can improve your reasons and placings on live animals.  The camps are run by people that are the coaches of college judging teams. Me and my friend, Tell are actually going to CSU jugding camp in June. The judging camp is a three day camp for 4-H and FFA member ages 14-18.

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